Little and Large

We are usually known for our large capacity storage tanks, but Niplast were recently commissioned to produce 2 small bespoke chemical sample containers. Our experienced designers and fabricators were able to adapt their knowledge and skill to design and manufacture the bespoke ‘Hypo Cell Sample Pots’ for their customer. The pots will be used to collect samples of sodium hypochlorite, drained from their chemical process, which will be tested accordingly. The pots were fabricated in black polyethylene, with a 50l working capacity, a 450ml height and 400ml diameter. They also featured a ½”inch drain and a 3” overflow and were raised 150ml from ground level by 3 adjustable height legs to accommodate variances in the customer’s floor and ensure a steady contents level. The open top featured a stiffening ring to maintain roundness.

photo 2 photo (4)

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